Rudolf Bosnjak started his first vehicle conversion in 2006 and this year is actual start of BOSCHNJAK ELECTRIC VEHICLES company.

BEV - BOSCHNJAK ELECTRIC VEHICLES company is in vehicle conversion business. We are small startup privately held company serious about large volume conversion of existing ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) petrol or diesel vehicles to be converted, to be pure hybrid electric vehicle or pure electric vehicles. We started our business in 2008.

The main goal of BEV - BOSCHNJAK ELECTRIC VEHICLES company is to promote conversion from standard vehicle to electric vehicle and make them available to the end users, using the most advanced electric vehicle components manufactured for electric vehicle OEM industry by world leading suppliers.

The company BEV - BOSCHNJAK ELECTRIC VEHICLES structured as:

  • research work in existing standard ICE vehicles (how to find best way for conversion)
  • development work in new designs concept to be build into converted standard existing vehicle as hybrid/electric or electrical versions
  • conversion program in hybrid/electric vehicle or electric vehicle 
  • converted hybrid/electric vehicle or electric vehicle sale
  • spare parts sale for hybrid/electric or electric vehicle sale
  • new imported electric vehicles sales.

BEV - BOSCHNJAK ELECTRIC VEHICLES company imports, sells and supports parts for electric vehicle with AC drive systems as well as other electric vehicle components to individual electric vehicle future owners and small and large businesses.

We provide components to be suitably adopted to match a specific existing vehicle we convert and test in our workshop and laboratory.

BEV - BOSCHNJAK ELECTRIC VEHICLES company is a single source for all parts, know how, main electronic hardware necessary to complete an electric vehicle conversion in area of Bosnia and Herzegovina and surrounding countries.

We offer vehicle specific parts for vehicle we convert as is:

  • adapter plates, custom design per existing vehicle
  • shaft couplers between gear box and differential 
  • parts for use with hardware we use in conversion process
  • traction battery
  • AC drive systems
  • other electric vehicle components


A partnership with well established companies world wide known in hybrid electric vehicle conversion and electric vehicle manufacturing business.




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