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Bird Manna

This is the amazing autobiography of a young man who believes he is in contact with space aliens, that he was abducted and taken to another planet for therapy, that the aliens are God's emissaries, and that God has charged him with telling the world.
It is hand-written, and hard to read in places, it's long and sometimes loops back on itself. (This was before being typed and edited.) It contains diagrams and maps. Apparently the Family Radio Network, a religious crackpot gang with short-wave transmitter, has caught the young man's attention and he wants them to air his story. They don't want anything to do with him. They're missing the boat. As he says: "People can decide whether to believe. I know it's hard." (Excerpted from newspaper)  by Jesus Freak
. Confirmation from Mark is here.

If you wish you can download complete Bird Manna, book as zip file in word version, click here, print and later read. Book comprising 414 pages of A4 format.

Original story is disappear from here


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