Evo, zašto me bolila glava cijeli dan 18 Oktobra 2000, jer sve dok nisam nacrtao ovaj crtež glava nije prestala da me boli... 18 Oktobar 2000 oko  21 sati...

The reason why I had headache whole day 18 October 2000, until I did not finish this drawing and headache disappear...18 October around 21 hours..

Female humanoid sa repom... Ženka ljudsko-reptilske rase

Name for this being is LAR and I found in Kosovo.



How this being is hidden behind ortodox icon the Holly Dimitrije, end of 14 or begining of 15 centry. Applied Art Museum, Belgrade, Serbia.




Credo Mutwa call her Chitauli.




Chitauli crtez.

Chitauli crtez.






  HERE IT IS...       EVO JE.... EVO GA... KOGA BA... ČEGA BA...
Da li izgleda ovako ...tako meni izgleda...

  Nazad na Credo Mutwa članak     Dardaniski Idol

Posjetilac od 18 Oktobra 2000 Visitor from October 18. 2000

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VIDEO ABOUT ONE EXPERIENCE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4FA_42qjV0

Niara approached me during the UFO Congress in Phoenix and reminded me that we had met a year before at the Laughlin event. Back then, due to time constraints, I wasn't able to interview her. Her demeanor was extremely low-key and unassuming and something about her story sounded to me as though it needed to be told.

Niara enlisted in the Air Force back in 1979 and became a surface to air missle/anit-aircraft artillary radar specialist based at various bases around the U.S. She was based for aprpoximately one year at Nellis Air Force Base working out at the Tonopah Test Range. And that is where these incidents occurred.

Although her experiences are hard to believe, her down-to-earth way of relating the information if anthing, underscores how very real they were and the depth of depravity and cruelty implied in her treatment brings to light some very sinister dealings going on that include a race or races of ETs and the military, that if true, couldn't be more scandalous. If and when government disclosure ever becomes a reality this is the type of story that will be very hard to explain let alone acknowledge by those coming forward at that time.

Kerry Lynn Cassidy March 2011


VIDEO ABOUT ONE EXPERIENCE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4FA_42qjV0



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