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That what will change the world and us are our open heart.
It is condition for connection with Space people.


Prijatelji iz Svemira, da li izgledaju ovako...


Everything what had descriptive, written and told in this web    book had happened to author of this web site out across all his existence, an especially from period when he spent time in Czech Republic from April 1993 to end of 1995 year.

I never meet Ivo and Miloslava. This text alone I first read in January 2000 and everything had become cleanser. I accordingly alone decide to prepare and release for the web edition that all that understand some of ba-l-ka-n languages can read this...

Because of some justification that had such what had, me is not been allowed to me its release how do it Ivo and Miloslava.

My, experience, dreams and figment alone I told to many people, family, friends, girlfriends, commercial partners. I made many video footage, photographs...

Everything what I was told, figment explaining, happened fairly correctly, at way how alone discourse.

Bump, from summer 1999 age this embargo had "somehow" removed accordingly and you have an opportunity to see, understand, know everything it you had actually need, and move to clearance but himself with assistance of this book which had written from Ivo Benda and Miloslava Drskova.

All around me, outside rare exempt were non-believers, non-trustful, as reach this level of conciseness and be such what had advised to being, may anybody, even though many do not see the purpose this ascending. You must required and not use far many things and aim will alone disclose.

Far much had been told from many Spiritual book, but here had everything it told, very simple and clean articulate language, acceptance it as it you had stated.

Everything this had written is my contribution to this light what we all now had required.

Many saying to me, there is enough time, but Rudolf Bošnjak saying and states continuously and repeat, discourse, folks, there is no time...

Last train coming into station, I can hear whistle of locomotive, and train will wait but one minute. Disposition by paddle that all onboard, who onboard will leave by this train, who do not onboard either do not arrive to the station stay here on this planet...

"When all of you move on this path and being live as we do, when being knowing everything dispatch with others, when being knowing do and give its action to all, but even all, it is to be something else...  

Commandant of Space fleet from Pleiades  Ptaah."


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Print and give to all other peoples to read.
Make a copy and dispatch to all...

This knowledge we need now...

I wish to thank you on great assistance to obtain original text, persons.
Borbala Homolja -  Maksem Ištvan - Branislav Jurešić

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