Isis  Visak

The Isis Pendulum

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In the 1930s French dowsers found a variety of pendulums on ancient Egyptian sites. The Isis Pendulum, named after the Egyptian Goddess, symbolises the Cross of Life. Its form, whose radiation is strengthened through four plate-like discs called a `battery`, together with the use of durable wood or brass, produces a very high dowsing sensitivity.

The Isis pendulum cleanses itself by constantly emitting "white" rays.

The 6-cell version of the Isis pendulum is more powerful as the radiations are further amplified by the larger "battery". 

This pendulum operates as a receiver when asking questions like "is this the right remedy for me?", and it also functions as a strong emitter of force when used as a healing device, for example in colour therapy.

As white is its natural radiation, it can emit any colour on mental command and can be used for practically any complaint.

A great advantage is that the practitioner suffers a minimal loss of energy, as this is automatically created by the geometric form of the Isis Pendulum. Its wide range of applications include testing food, herbs and medication; medical diagnosis and treatment; and investigating objects, pictures, places etc.

It is a pendulum which should not be missing from any dowser`s collection. It is widely used by beginners, but also highly rated by the advanced dowser.

The Isis Pendulum is available in various sizes.The small size may be converted into an Isis earring which should be worn only on the left ear, and which has the effect of strengthening the feminine vibrations and of recharging the life energy.

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