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Dear star people and children of light,

at times were the devil has been located inside some guys hidden in caves in a desert far away, and as the holly season of the Christians is about to start (Thanskgiving was an "Indian" event before, by the way, and was stolen to them as some other things), maybe it is time to remember the 3rd message of Fatima, that a good many people were looking for last year on the web...golden love

FYI, the text of "official release" given some time ago by the Catholic Roman Church was a fake. Here is the real one.

Last notes : even some "alternative" catholic monks and priests have said and written over the years that there were two "suns" at Fatima, and that the second one was likely to be an UFO.....yes there are large UFOs of a spheric shape, and golden color, they are called "light starships", I was contacted by one, as contactee Eugenio Siragusa and many others, and the very same ships were recorded in England just before the first waves of crops circles would happen.

The "second half of the XX century", obviously, is after 1950. It has to be known that several attempts to start WWIII have been made and failed, the last one to have been "stopped" cold by the ships of the Ashtar Command was in Kossovo, which was planned as a "trigger". We do hope that they will do it again, we mean, the ships of the Intergalactic Fleet intervene again to avoid total destruction of this here planet...

3rd message of Fatima :

Do not fear, dear little one. I am the Mother of God, who talks to you and asks you to make public the present Message for the entire world. In so doing, you will find strong resistance. Listen well and pay attention to what I tell you: Men have to correct themselves. With humble petitions they have to ask forgiveness for the sins committed and those they could commit. You want me to give you a sign, so that every one will accept My Words, which I say through you to mankind. You have seen the Miracle of the Sun, and all, believers, non­believers, farmers, city dwellers, wise men, reporters, lays, clergymen, they all have seen it. And now proclaim in My Name: A great punishment will fall on mankind; not today, not tomorrow, but in the second half of the XX Century. I already revealed it to the children Melania and Massimino, at "La Salette", and today I repeat it to you because mankind has sinned and trod upon the gift that I had given. There is no order in any part of the world, and Satan rules in the highest positions, establishing the course of things. He will effectively succeed in getting to the top of the Church; he will succeed in seducing the souls of great scientists who invent arms, with which it will be possible to destroy a great part of mankind in a few minutes. He will have in his power the powerful who rule the peoples and he will incite them to build enormous quantities of those arms. And, if mankind should not object to it, I will be forced to set My Son's arm free. Then you will see that God will punish men with greater severity than He ever did with the flood.
The time of times and the end of all ends will come, if mankind is not converted; and if all should stay as it is now, or worse, should it worsen even more, the great and the powerful will perish with the small and the weak. The time of great trials will also come for the Church. Cardinals will oppose Cardinals, bishops will oppose bishops, Satan will march among them, and there will be changes in Rome. That which is rotten will fall, and that which fall will never rise again. The Church will be darkened, and the world will be overturned by terror. The time will come that no King, Emperor, Cardinal or bishop awaits Him who still has to come, but to punish according to the plans of my Father.
A big war will break out in the second half of the XX Century. Fire and smoke will fall from the Sky, the waters of the oceans will become steam, and the foam will rise, overturning and sinking everything. Millions and millions of men will perish from hour to hour and those who are still alive will envy the dead. Whichever way one turns to look, there will be anguish, poverty, ruins in all the cities. Do you see? The time comes nearer and the abyss widens without hope. The good will perish with the wicked, the great with the small, the Princes of the Church with their believers, and the rulers with their peoples. There will be death everywhere due to the mistakes made by the senseless and the followers of Satan who then, and only then, will rule the world; lastly, those who survive all happenings and are still alive, will proclaim again God and His Glory, and will serve Him as before when the world was not so perverted.
Go my little one, and proclaim it. For that purpose I will be always at your side to help you.

More info : http://www.videosoft.it/nonsoloufo/dom_3mei.htm

Remember also that the Pope John 23 was assassinated by the Opus Dei, the low hierarchies secret order ruling the Roman Church, shortly after meeting with UFO contactee George Adamski. Adamski asked the Pope to reveal the truth about extraterrestrials (and the rest), the Pope said : "My son, I have little power, there are those who rule over me, but I will try..." A few days later the Pope was stone dead while George Adamski was waiting for his call in his hotel in Rome.
About 25 years ago Eugenio Siragusa revealed that two of the children of Fatima were reincarnated in Italy, logical move from them, and that the Roman Church found them, took them away and put them in seclusion in the caves under the Vatican (there are many things in there). They do have the means to find the "soul signature"...
The huge Fleet of the Ashtar Command has that ability as well, so no worry for all the star people and children of light....



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