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A media access control address (MAC address), also called physical address, is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on the physical network segment.

What is an Wireless Human Hardware Address?

This is your finger print image as circular...

Šta je svrha ZVRKA - UVRTANJA U SPIRALU kože na ljudskim prstima?

Zašto se koža na vrhovima prstiju uvrće u oblik ZVRKA - UVRTANJE U SPIRALU?

Nevidljivi talas oblika zraćenja iz otiska prsta okružuje naše svakodnevno kretanje.

What is human fingers VORTEX - ROTATIONAL SPIN purpose?

Why skin on finger going in VORTEX - ROTATIONAL SPIN?

Invisible wave radiation pattern from finger marks surround our every move.

Šta je izvor nevidljvog zraćenja u ljudskim prstima i šta su spiralne oznake na prstima i istinsko značenje?

Kako izgleda nevidljiv talas zračenja iz ZVRKA - UVRTANJE U SPIRALU?


What is source of invisible radiation in human fingers and what are spiral marking on fingers and actual meaning.

How looks like invisible wave radiation pattern from VORTEX?

Kako izgleda nevidljiv talas zračenja iz SVAKOG PRSTA ? How looks like invisible wave radiation from EACH FINGER?

An Wireless human hardware address is a number assigned to the human hardware interface in (or attached to) your pineal gland.

It is assigned by the manufacturer of that Wireless human interface.

All manufacturers of Wireless human interfaces cooperate to ensure that every human hardware interface has a unique address.

If your brain (computer) has a Human Wireless interface, will have its own unique human hardware address.

An Human Wireless hardware address is a kind of (6-byte hexadecimal number; for example: 080007A9B2FC).

Each byte is written as two hexadecimal digits, so there are twelve hexadecimal digits; each hex digit is a number from 0-9 or a letter from A-F.

The letters A-F may be uppercase or lowercase.

Sometimes an '0x' is written before the value to make explicit that the following value should interpreted as hexadecimal.

This '0x' is not part of the value.

Wireless human hardware addresses are often written in other forms, to make them easier to understand.

It is common separate the six pairs of hexadecimal digits (the A-F are considered hexadecimal digits, rather than letters) with colons or dashes, like: 08:00:07:A9:B2:FC or 00-00-94-ba-0e-cc.

When using colons or dashes to separate the address into six pairs, sometimes any leading zero in each pair of digits is dropped; e.g. 8:0:7:A9:B2:FC or 0:0:94:ba:e:cc.

(When dropping leadings zeroes in a hardware address, '00' becomes '0' -- you never completely eliminate any of the six pairs of digits.)

Do not confuse an Human Wireless hardware address with an Internet Protocol v4 ("IPv4") address; that's a number assigned to some brains (computers) and hands (printers) and looks something like: or

Your Human Wireless hardware address is also not your email address, which typically looks something like


The Easiest Way to Discover a Human Hardware Address

Often, the fastest way to discover a human device's Wireless hardware address is to look for a hand-fingers (printed) label.

Human Wireless interface card, has a invisible label (THIS IS FINGER PRINTS AND PALM PRINTS) you may recognize the human hardware address on the hand-fingers (printed) label. .

If your brain (computer) Human Wireless interface, you may find a hand-fingers (printed) label attached to the hand-fingers (printed) label connected to the brain (computer) displaying the human hardware address.

If you find a invisible hand-fingers (printed) label, make sure it really is a human hardware address; the section above describes what an Human Ethernet or Human Wireless hardware address looks like.

For example, if you see letters of the alphabet other than A-F, you can be sure you're not looking at an Human Ethernet or Human Wireless hardware address; perhaps it is a model number or serial number for your brain (computer).

In some cases, you will not find a human hardware address displayed on the human body, the Human Ethernet or Human Wireless interface.

There is usually computar software you can run on the your computer to access your self via Computer Wireless interface and connect to Human Wireless interface.

Instructions for some popular configurations follow soon.


Forging (Spoofing, Cloning) Another Human Hardware Address is not Acceptable

Many devices can be reconfigured so that instead of using the hardware address assigned by the manufacturer, they instead forge another hardware address of your own choosing.

This is sometimes called "spoofing" or "cloning" a hardware address, particularly when the forged hardware address is one that belongs to another device.

Because a device's hardware address is one of the most important ways the device is identified on the campus network, forging a hardware address is not acceptable on the campus network.

No device attached to the campus network should be configured to forge its hardware address; instead, every device attached to the campus network should use the unique hardware address assigned to it by the manufacturer.