Nikola Tesla was awakened from a dream in which his mother had died, "And I knew that this was so". After her death, Tesla fell ill. He travel to Europe and spent two to three weeks recuperating in Gospić in the village of Tomingaj near Gračac, his mother's birthplace...


Tesla wrote: For many years I endeavored to solve the enigma of death, and watched eagerly for every kind of spiritual indication. But only once in the course of my existence have I had an experience which momentarily impressed me as supernatural. It was at the time of my mother's death. I had become completely exhausted by pain and long vigilance, and one night was carried to a building about two blocks from our home. As I lay helpless there, I thought that if my mother died while I was away from her bedside, she would surely give me a sign.


Nikola Tesla's last letter to his mother


Wednesday, 18.November.

Mother, at the thought of you feel somewhat hard and dreary, I do not know how, but I feel that you are not good. I wish I was near you now that you offer water. All these years of my service to humanity are not brought me nothing but insults and humiliation.
This morning I got up before dawn, because I heard something again for a long time the dream I hear in my room. I heard the voice of the troughs and pray some Moorish language beautiful dirge or call. This morning I chased the dream with his eyes and confirmed that the voice comes every where and can not be made with the outside or inside. I'm afraid that I did not mind losing. About this I can not talk because Dr. Layonelu no longer believe him. I heard that he visited Mr. Edison two weeks ago.

Thursday, 19.November

Again, I think of you, Mother. Again I have the anxiety and sorrow in the body. Today I will write in the Patent Office that my public experiment moves to a week earlier, because I have to go home to home, you go. I know now, certainly not good, because that voice, that dirge again I heard quite aware and awake. I'm still reasonable.

Friday, 20.November.

I have not written in the Patent Office, came to their agent to bring me confirmation and I told him personally of their intentions. He said he watered, but the term can not changed Given that the Congressmen from about 20 states hardly comply appointment. I went to the waterfall and told his men to turn turbines and to wait for my call tomorrow ready.
I decided that mankind worship what belongs to him and he returned to Europe, you mother.
The governments of the same here as at home. I realized now that at the end of humanity is depending on government and that individual can not I change the world. But that strange voice concerns me. I know it means something that has to do with you, with my experiment with something transcendental.

Saturday, 21.November

Mother, is scheduled tommorow to leave for Yugoslavia. Miss Nora is left to a harbor master's office and provided me a ticket to Lisbon, from there go by train to Zurich, and then directly to the house. I estimate that I need about ten days or two weeks maximum.

Today I walked into the Congress building and the session of the Senate asked for a few minutes of attention. They were not at will, but let me. I asked for the phone to me and together with the laboratory in Niagara Falls. The guys on my account released to drive turbines and Conference Hall is shone on my electric energy, ten times stronger than normal, just as I said.

I am not interested in their reactions to me at all. I went out immediately, because I have this worked for them but for humanity. I was just at the moment when I looked at the lamp and waited to "my" wireless electricity comes from turbines, I felt that I was not the creator of all this.



I felt that someone or something carrying the Falls to the congress hall and is in the law which I considered "my" discovery, something that is always there, and that's just given me inspiration to frame and explain to mankind. For districts and triumph, appeared in some gaps. I realized that I have something big in life failed. Something like that I left out, as if I know something is offered. Let's formula was so close to my knowledge, I have not found or did not want to find. It has to do with that Moorish dirge, I am sure now.

Sunday, 22.November.

This letter you will never get Mother. I do not know why I am writing to you that he never read it can not. Let the light earth mother, and forgive me as I took my ways from you, so you can not get no funeral.

I read the telegram with the news of your death, I despise people who were not ready two years ago to understand that an ELECTRIC CURRENT CAN BE TRANSMIT WITHOUT WIRES. Now here are seen to be, but again it will not know for centuries to use because someone burned my laboratory in the city center to the ground, with all documents and drawings. They told me to doubt of Mr. Edison. I am so indifferent that I do not recognize myself. Before I would possibly woes, but now longer, because I know well that one anyway it all under control and that "my" discovery came too early for humanity. And it is not what upstate mine. I know that's a controls all and have a plan so I maybe indifferent.

My ship to Lisbon starting at 11 hours. Car waiting for me outside. This letter will pass on your grave, when I get in Milanovac, our village cemetery.

Now I believe in WHAT YOU'VE NEVER, I'm still out there "you" and that your life is forever ended.

Now I regret that I never wanted to hang out with the Turks because they are the same harsh lament sung as one of my dreams Now I remember that they knew much more than I do about all these things that I know in just now.

In vain my years in science, when she was barren.

Pray there for me Mother, if you can, the Moorish lament for the lost soul of his poor
non educated son.

Nikola Tesla

MOORISH DIRGE - SAD SONG - EZAN - is the name Nikola Tesla use in his letters to his mother.

Here are some web pages that provide Rudolf Boschnjak years of research on the magnetic lines of force drawn to stories of religious paintings from various religion and religious books that are written by people on this planet, not from God and not from God learning, such as the Hindu religion Bhagvad Gita, the Catholic and Orthodox Bible, Islamic Qur'an and many other religious books that try to explain to us the people on this planet Earth, what God is.

Until now, self-appointed representatives of God's, have failed to explain HIM in a reasonable way: THIS, THAT FORCE, THAT POWER, NOT THE ENERGY OF SO CALLED FROM MANY HUMANS.

So look at these pictures and reading and trying your mind and brain stay calm and not to be negative all the planes and, as I wrote there, described and tried to explain to my way, EASY READ TEXT AND PHOTOS WATCH, may be a person who is SAME can explain differently than I explained. READ HERE


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