Eliminate CO2 emissions to zero.


Knowledge is not enough. It should be applied. Johan Wolfgang Goethe said.

Nikola Tesla was a pioneer in the study of electrical phenomena and was thrilled with the possibilities of an electric car, and in 1930 he made and tested his theories with an electric car that reached a maximum speed of 150 km / h.

Unfortunately, he hide: the structure of his source of electric power and a way how he power his electric motor engine and his construction for himself and the secret of this interesting electric car died with him in 1943.

"If you know the magnificence of the three, six and nine
you would have a key to the universe."
Nikola Tesla

My plans are to process and convert milions of existing luxury and normal cars into quiet and efficient electric vehicles, and remain what their owners most like ... safety, comfort with two or four wheel drive.

Electric cars offer many benefits when compared to a gasoline or diesel engine. Electric cars are driven without burning petrol or diesel, and therefore do not produce the air pollution which damage our body. They are quiet during normal operation of the electric motor-engine and are almost silent when standing and the engine is running; therefore, they do not produce acoustic noise pollution like petrol and diesel engines.

Electric cars do not have as many petrol and diesel cars as parts that need to be maintained and which often break down such as ( fuel injection, fuel diesel pump, petrol pump, carburetor-ignition distributor, water pump, fuel tank, exhaust system-exhaust, etc.).

There is no need for oil and air filters in the electric car engine Battery maintenance is minimal. There is no control of exhaust gases and tuning, which is one of the most complex of the most expensive parts of gasoline and diesel engines.

Most parts of electric cars are standard electrical components, without moving parts. The average price of a car is about 30% lower than for petrol or diesel engines, and the air pollution is NULL.

The future is INQUIRY, will all cars on planet Earth work on batteries for electric vehicles, so there is no longer a need for gasoline or diesel fuel and there is no production of harmful gases from automobile engines.

Electric vehicles have an 80% lower maintenance cost than cars on petrol or diesel. The electric current is a more efficient power source than a gasoline or diesel engine, as the gasoline engine uses only 25% of its energy to make rotational movement - a large amount of energy is converted into heat and the mechanical rotation of the crankshaft in the engine and the rotation of the gear in the transmission and differential. Electric motors give over 90% efficiency.

The electric motor also gives much better acceleration than the petrol or diesel engine, because it should not be warmed to the operating temperature to achieve full power. Power is always available at any moment.



Prava kopiranja.  Sva prava pridržana.  Rudolf Bošnjak.

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